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Since 1977 American Container Concepts Corp. has been a leader in providing a wide variety of industrial and retail packaging solutions to our customers nationwide.

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Loose Fill

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Loose Fill Dispensers

Loose Fill Dispensers

  • Release the right amount of peanuts every time you fill a carton.
  • Squeeze the spring loaded scissor valve to control flow of loose fill.
  • Mounts to warehouse ceiling. Includes rope and 2 pulleys for height adjustment and refills.
  • Heavy-duty, rot proof canvas bag with reinforced flexible tubing.
  • Minimum Ceiling Height is based on a 30 inch high packing table with a 24 inch working area between the table and the scissor valve.


  • The perfect general-use system for anyone that receives packages with loose fill and wants to reuse fill.
  • Requires minimum of 10 feet clearance.
  • Refills without lowering bag.
  • Strong vacuum empties a one cubic carton in less than 10 seconds, leaving behind even the lightest items.
FLO-VAC lll System

FLO-VAC lll System

Quiet efficient motor vacuum loose fill into a 55 gallon container (included).
  • FLO-VAC III° system.
  • Wheeled unit is portable and plugs into standard outlet.
  • Flexible 8 feet hose is easy to handle.
FLO-VAC JR.&# System

FLO-VAC JR.&# System

Hand held vacuum quietly removes loose fill from incoming packages and pick-up off the floor.
  • FLO-VAC JR.° system.
  • Portable.
  • Battery Operated.
  • Useful in limited space.
Industrial Loose Fill

Industrial Loose Fill

Polystyrene Loose Fill cushions contents on all sides
  • 20 cubic foot bag (white-virgin).
  • Interlocking shape prevents content from settling.
  • Economical, fast and easy-to-use void fill.
Biodegradable Loose Fill

Biodegradable Loose Fill

Biodegradable Loose Fill is made from corn starch.
  • 12 cubic foot bag (yellow-biodegradable)
  • Corn starch fill dissolves in water leaving no toxic waste.
  • Dispenses the same as any other loose fill.
  • Static free.